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Who is Fair Dinkum?

Fair Dinkum Sheds is a leading distributor in New Zealand of residential garages and carports, barns, farm sheds, industrial and commercial buildings and is widely acknowledged as one of the largest networks of Cold Formed Steel Building distributors in New Zealand, with a proven history of success for nearly two decades. That success is founded on always providing real value products, design and software innovation, and ongoing product development.

  • American Barn
  • American Barn Internal
  • Custom Shed

We are the Central Otago distributor of Fair Dinkum products and can quote and design kitset sheds, kitset garages, and kitset buildings in minutes with our hi-tech software program. All buildings are fully engineered to accommodate the region where your project will be built and standard plans can be supplied within a few minutes.

Fair Dinkum offers a wide range of colours with galvanised steel frames for strength and low maintenance. Vertical metal cladding is standard with all of their buildings but feel free to speak with us about other cladding options.

A Brief History

Fair Dinkum Sheds started out as a family owned and operated company in 1990, in rural Camden, NSW. In 1992 the company went national, establishing a successful network of distributors across Australia. More recently, Fair Dinkum Sheds have expanded the business internationally, with distributor networks across NZ, Fiji, the United Kingdom and South Africa. Since its humble beginnings, Fair Dinkum Sheds has flourished and in August 2007 was acquired by Stramit Building Products – their largest supplier and a business unit of Fletcher Building Limited.

Today Fair Dinkum Sheds is widely acknowledged as one of the largest networks of Cold Formed Steel Building distributors in New Zealand, with a proven history of success for nearly two decades.

Why Fair Dinkum?

Fair Dinkum Sheds provide a real shed with real value, and they’ve been doing it for over 18 years! With over 150,000 kitset sheds and kitset garages sold internationally, their experience speaks for itself. They’re experts in the design, engineering, supply and construction of quality New Zealand made steel sheds, barns, garages, carports, workshops and industrial buildings. They offer a complete customisation, engineering and design service that includes site-specific drawings and a full set of structural calculations on all of their sheds so you can be assured your shed has been specifically designed for your site.

Our role covers the:

  • Planning & Concept Design
  • MultiBuild™ Detailed Design and Quotation
  • Council Consenting and Compliance
  • Customised Non-Standard Buildings if needed
  • Construction and Installation

Fair Dinkum Sheds is the only company operating in both Australia and New Zealand that is a ShedSafe™ accredited company. New Zealand uses the same design standards and the New Zealand distributors of Fair Dinkum Sheds use the same quality tested system to supply the New Zealand market. This assures you that the designs and systems comply with the high standards set by the Australian Steel Institute. Under-engineered sheds put people and property at risk — don’t take a chance with a non-accredited company.

All Fair Dinkum buildings are Designed and Certified to the Building Code of New Zealand and relevant New Zealand Standards.

MultiBuild™ Design and Quotation Software

As a Fair Dinkum Sheds distributor, we make use of their quoting and design software called MultiBuild™. Their MultiBuild™ software has been developed progressively over the last 15 years and combines all the features required to suit your individual needs. All of the shed designs produced by MultiBuild™ come with full set of site specific structural calculations. Fair Dinkum is the first in the industry to provide this massive competitive advantage to us. This software is exclusive to Fair Dinkum Sheds distributors and enables us to:

  • Quickly and easily come up with a custom design best suited to you.
  • View a 3D rendering of the design and the changes you make instantly.
  • Instantly provide price options as you add and remove features from your design.
  • Provide you with a printout or PDF file of your shed design and a list of specifications and materials.
  • Provide you with a document containing all the engineering calculations associated with your building.

* This system has been fully tested and certified by a number of practising structural engineers.

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